P2P Messaging- Flutter

Project Duration: 350 hrs

A chat application for Android and IOS in flutter/dart which sends messages Using Bluetooth & wifi-direct. Each device has a UUID to identify it and optionally the user's name. Each account is linked to a username(can be authenticated using OAuth) and each message is directed to another username which is mapped to all devices logged in with that username. Users can choose to be anonymous as well. Using Bluetooth and wifi direct eliminates the use of a central server. The app scans for nearby devices which are discoverable and connects to them allowing messages to be relayed through each device(a node in a network). The messages will be transferred using an optimal path using underlying network protocols.


Improving upon the existing peer to peer messaging project architecture, improving upon the google nearby connection protocol, to add new features in the app like online video/call support (using matrix), improving upon the current UI/UX of the application, adding CI/CD pipeline, adding SOS support, writing test cases and releasing the app on the play-store. A dedicated npm package can also be worked upon for Google's Nearby Connection API to be first developed and then getting used as a dependency in the application

Required Skills:

  • Flutter
  • UX/UI design
  • Testing and Loggings


Update dependencies. Add new features and improving the UI/UX of the app


Ritik Jain